Class and Workshop Schedule

Have you ever sat in our audience and thought, “I could totally do that!”? Well, we think so, too. 2nd Story offers a schedule of classes and workshops designed to teach people our particular style of creating stories. Our classes cover all aspects of how we do what we do: story generation, writing, editing, performance technique – and all of the instruction is infused with our collaborative, ensemble-based method.

Whatever your reasons for taking a class with us, we’re here to help you grow your skills and have a great experience.

Thanks to a legacy gift from Theatre Seven, we are able to offer a substantial number of full and partial scholarships for our classes and workshops this season!  Removing financial barriers for people interested in our work is important to us. Contact us so we can figure out together what could work for you. Email


2nd Story Fundamentals

A Great Way To Master the Basics - 8 Week Class

This 8-week class focuses on building the skills necessary for crafting a great first person story. This is a class for all levels that digs into scene, dialogue, sensory details, narrative distance, and making the personal universal, featuring short, fun exercises to improve all aspects of your writing. Expect to come away with several story starts and the motivation to finish them! Solid skill building for more experienced writers, and an introduction for those who haven’t done a lot of short story creation before. Instructors TBA.


Participants limited to 10

Winter Intensive Writing Workshop

2 full days of writing and performance

Imagine a weekend of nothing but writing, renewal, and immersion in the first person narrative storytelling form. We’ll start off with brainstorming exercises designed to help you mine your own life for story possibilities, and then spend time bringing a brand new piece of work to life through writing, feedback and performance techniques designed to bring dimension and theatricality to your story. You’ll get one-on-one feedback from our instructors, group feedback from the workshop ensemble, and you’ll leave with a sparkling new piece ready to share with an audience.

For confident writers not afraid of a deadline.

The workshop culminates in a 2nd Story style “sharing” or casual performance in our studio space for a few family, friends and members of the 2nd Story Collective, at 6:30pm on Sunday.

$240 ($200 for Students and Seniors)


Kickstart Your Art

Get Yourself Going... 3 Hour Workshop

Like Julie Andrews, we’ll “start at the very beginning” (it’s a very good place to start!)  This three hour workshop, led by 2nd Story’s finest, kicks off with 2nd Story-style brainstorming and story sharing, and move through the beginning steps of getting your own real-life story on the page.

$60 (Students and Seniors $45)

Participants limited to 10


  • A journal
  • Something to write with
  • Comfy clothes

No need to bring samples or anything you’ve written previously.

Performance Skills for Writers Workshop

Getting Your Story off the Page - 3 Hour Workshop

You know who you are. You’re a writer, and you’d like to start performing your work, but you’re nervous. Or maybe terrified. We know how that goes, and we’ve got a workshop that will arm you with tools for your body, your voice, and your nerves, in a safe and fun environment.  Think you can’t learn basic performance skills that make a difference in a three hour class? Give us a try. Come with text you’d like to work on and see what a difference we can make.

$60 (Students and Seniors $45)

Participants limited to 10

Page to the Stage

A Great Way to Experience the Process - 8 Week Class

The goal of this eight-week class is to lead participants through our entire process, from story conception to fully realized performance, culminating in a simply produced 2nd Story style evening of stories in our studio space. Great for more seasoned writers who are not afraid of a deadline.

$300 ($225 for Students and Seniors)

Participants limited to 10