Our Philosophy


Everybody has stories. By the very fact that you’re here on this earth, we know you’ve got a story to tell.  One of our goals at 2nd Story is to teach others how to do what we do, and we have a particular method:

Our process is very collaborative.  We don’t just sit at our computers and churn this stuff out, and we don’t expect anybody else to create stories that way either.  Because the 2nd Story form places great emphasis on audience and universality, our creative process involves a lot of group collaboration, feedback, and exploration.  This means that we spend a lot of time talking and listening to each other, telling stories, asking questions – all of which moves us closer to meeting our individual and group goals. Collaboration is integral to our process not just because it feels good (which it does!) but also because we find that it works.

Our process is very diverse.  The 2nd Story Collective is made up of writers, performers, directors, designers, and musicians, all learning from each others’ expertise. In the same way, our classes draw upon the various backgrounds and skill sets that are present in the room.  It’s important to us that we a) meet each student where they are at, by catering the class to their individual learning needs, and also that we b) honor the expertise in the room.  Each individual brings a different set of experiences to the room, and we’ve all been an “audience” for much of our lives – either literally (to stories, plays, movies, television) or more generally (around the dinner table, to the lives of our friends and families).  Each view point brings a different ear to the table, and we value them all.

Our process is very personal.  We specialize in creative non-fiction and personal narrative, crafting intimate stories that are close to our hearts, so we get how personal this work is.  We realize that everyone in the room has a different reason for being there, and we do our best to create an atmosphere where people feel safe enough to dig deep, tell the truth of their experience, find their own voice, and achieve their own writing goals.

No matter what your prior experience is, no matter if you intend to submit a story to us or craft it for your own creative satisfaction, we’ve got a class or workshop sure to shake up your imaginative process.