Learn how to do what we do

2nd Story is one of the only professional arts organizations you’ll find where the idea that we want to turn our audience members into our artists is explicitly written into our values. Basically, we’re all about training, and we do it in a couple of ways:

Classes and Workshops

We offer a variety of 8-week classes and 3-hour workshops to teach people how to do what we do (write, craft, and perform their own personal stories) and there’s something for you no matter what your level of experience: novice, professional, or in-between.  We offer a handful of 3-hour workshops that can be taken singly or in sequence; they’re offered at various times and on different days of the week to meet the needs of any schedule.  Our 8-week classes take participants from idea generation all the way through to a fully sculpted story, and can be taken sequentially for a really in-depth storytelling experience.  Click here for our schedule.

Corporate Training and Events

We also offer training sessions for organizations and corporations.  Our professional offerings encompass a range of topics including finding and telling the story of your organization/brand/project, using storytelling and performance techniques to improve communication, and team building workshops.  Each professional training is individually crafted to meet the specific needs of that organization or corporation.  Please contact our Director of Education for more details about our training for organizations.