Tell a story with 2nd Story!

Some 2nd Story storytellers identify as writers or performers. A lot of them do not. Some found their way into the chair as a storyteller because they started out as 2nd Story audience members. We love when that happens. In fact, being the kind of place where audiences can become performers is one of our organizational values.

So how do you get in the chair?

1) Learn what we do.

2) Write a 2nd Story story.

3) Submit it.

While we accept submissions on a rolling basis, feedback on work and consideration for development and production only takes place once a year, during our annual story drive each winter. You can find out about submission drive deadlines by checking the website, joining our mailing list, or by following us on Facebook.

Please read our guidelines and submissions instructions carefully (links on the left side of this page). If you need help sculpting your story to fit those guidelines, we recommend taking advantage of our training program. Please note that we will only consider submissions that follow our guidelines and instructions.