What To Expect

We are not your traditional theater and we are not your average reading series. 2nd Story is a hybrid performance event combining storytelling, music, and conversation.

A typical 2nd Story evening goes something like this: our 2nd Story staff will greet you, if not at the door, then as you enter the area where the performance is happening. We’ll help you find a seat and get settled. You’ll hang out with your friends (or the friendly stranger we seat you with) and eat and drink and make merry. The lights will go up on the 2nd Story host for the event, and he or she will introduce the evening, explain how the night will proceed, and introduce
each storyteller before the story.

Four times over the course of the evening (or sometimes two or three or five), one of our storytellers will take the mike and tell you a real story that actually happened to them. In between stories, you’ll have time to order more drinks or food and chat with your friends and neighbors, maybe tell some stories.  In fact, our hope is that our stories inspire you to tell stories of your own. Performances last roughly two hours.

Each of our series takes our standard event and spins it in a different flavor. Our Stories & Wine series pairs each story with a taste of wine (if you like); our Stories & Live Music series sculpts the stories in concert with a band or solo musician; our Stories & Chefs series pairs the four stories with four courses created by the chef exclusively for our event.

2nd Story is a very popular event with a very limited seating capacity. Show up early to get the seat that you want. Due to the communal nature of 2nd Story, you may be asked to share a table with a friendly stranger. We hope you don’t mind.

It’s a great time, and our hope is that if we do our job right, you’ll leave telling your own stories.