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Below you’ll find the listings for all the performances we have currently scheduled. New performances pop up all the time, though, so keep checking back!

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Next to each event you’ll see a little icon. We have a number of different series that we do; each series involves the same 2nd Story style of storytelling you love, but incorporates a different partner element. At our Stories & Wine series, you can opt to partake in a four-wine tasting, where each wine is paired with one of our stories. At our Stories & Live Music series, we partner with a band or single musician to sculpt the evening. At our Stories & Chefs events, we give a stellar chef four stories and they craft four courses inspired by those stories, and the audience gets to experience it all!

Free Workshop at Greenline

What’s your story? (You know you have one.) 2nd Story, Chicago’s premiere storytelling series, offers a free workshop open to the public. Explore digging into your own experiences, what makes a great story, finding your voice and crafting your real-life piece for an audience, all in 2nd Story’s uniquely collaborative style. Grab your journal and join in the fun.

This is a free-event!

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A Land of Plenty: Stories of Scarcity & Abundance

Doors at 6pm; stories at 8pm.

Thanksgiving is a time of feasting, of food and family and gratitude. On this designated day of appreciation, we become acutely aware of just how much we have to be thankful for. And yet, that question of how much we have differs greatly depending on where we’re coming from. As the wealth gap continues to grow in this country, the divides between those who have plenty, those who have enough, and those who do not are sharper than they’ve been for generations. How do we reconcile living in a country whose excesses are accessible to increasingly fewer people? How do we find plenty in the midst of scarcity? And how do we give thanks for what we have while also striving for more?

Curated by Deb Lewis. Directed by Reshmi Hazra. Sound Design by Mike Przygoda.

$19.62 (fees included). Some Pay-What-You-Feel tickets are available at the door.

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Homecoming: Stories of Return and Departure

Seating at 7:30pm; stories begin at 8pm.

Home can be a place: where you grew up, where you live now, or where you’re meant to be. It can be a person: someone you love, someone who loves you, or someone you’re stuck with. It can be an idea: the philosophy that grounds you no matter where you are or who you’re with. We’re constantly leaving and returning to these homes throughout our lives. When we leave, what do we learn? And when we come back, is it still home, or has it changed? Or have we changed? From a young man coming to terms with his spiritual and sexual identities to a woman trying to navigate a holiday at her family’s home for the first time post-divorce, hear four stories of coming home and leaving home.

Curated by Nick Ward. Sound Design by Brakes on the Highway.

$20 cover charge; added to the dinner bill.

No tickets are sold online for this show. To reserve a seat, please call Uncommon Ground at 773-465-9801 and ask for a table for the 2nd Story show.

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