Upcoming Shows

Below you’ll find the listings for all the performances we have currently scheduled. New performances pop up all the time, though, so keep checking back!

Next to each event you’ll see a little icon. We have a number of different series that we do; each series involves the same 2nd Story style of storytelling you love, but incorporates a different partner element. At our Stories & Wine series, you can opt to partake in a four-wine tasting, where each wine is paired with one of our stories. At our Stories & Live Music series, we partner with a band or single musician to sculpt the evening. At our Stories & Chefs events, we give a stellar chef four stories and they craft four courses inspired by those stories, and the audience gets to experience it all!

Almost There: Stories of Pursuit and Surrender

Doors at 7pm; stories at 7:30pm.

There’s no triumph quite like reaching the end of a journey—but what happens if we don’t make it all the way there? What if we’re stopped short by something, or choose to stop just shy of that final step? Sometimes surrender is a necessary choice — or the only choice — but what does that mean for our journey and how we reflect on it afterward? Join us on the West Side this month at Inspiration Kitchens to hear a story of one woman’s defeated return to her parents’ home, the tale of a fateful night between two former lovers, and two more stories of pursuit and surrender.

In addition to our regular tickets ($20), we offer Pay What You Feel tickets at the door (you can pay $1 or $1,000, whatever feels right to you). Same show, same seating, same experience. Read more about this initiative to eliminate real and perceived financial barriers here.

Curated by Jessica Young. Directed by Lee Stark. Sound Design by Nick Kawahara.

$20 online or cash at the door. Pay What You Feel tickets are always available!

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Something Different, Something New: Stories of Changing Perspectives

Doors at 5:30pm; stories start at 6pm.

Our day-to-day routines provide structure for our lives: they tell us what to do, and when, and how. But what happens when something interrupts that routine — an unexpected event, or a surprise discovery? What do we do with this newfound knowledge? How do these out-of-the-ordinary experiences affect us and alter our perceptions? Join us at Siam Marina on Sunday, May 17 for 2nd Story’s Tinley Park debut with four stories of changing perspectives.

Curated by Jess Kadish. Directed by Liz Rice. Sound Design by Harold Washington Trio.

$20 online or cash at the door. Pay What You Feel tickets are always available.

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Into the Light: Stories of Secrets and Searching

Doors at 7pm; stories at 8pm.

Sometimes secrets are personal, kept in the dark by individuals for their own protection. Other times they’re political, kept hidden between the cracks of the system so that system stays afloat. But what happens when we find out, when the secret is a secret no more? What do we do with that information? How does it change us? On May 31 at the Promontory, hear four stories of secrets large and small, revealed all at once and bit by bit, from a sister searching Facebook for information about her brother, to an artist realizing his advantages in the airport security line.

Curated by Jess Kadish. Directed by Dorothy Milne.

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