Upcoming Shows

Below you’ll find the listings for all the performances we have currently scheduled. New performances pop up all the time, though, so keep checking back!

Next to each event you’ll see a little icon. We have a number of different series that we do; each series involves the same 2nd Story style of storytelling you love, but incorporates a different partner element. At our Stories & Wine series, you can opt to partake in a four-wine tasting, where each wine is paired with one of our stories. At our Stories & Live Music series, we partner with a band or single musician to sculpt the evening. At our Stories & Chefs events, we give a stellar chef four stories and they craft four courses inspired by those stories, and the audience gets to experience it all!

2nd Story at Printers Row Lit Fest: Say It Loud!

From noon til 1pm.

Join 2nd Story in the RedEye tent at Printers Row Lit Fest for real stories of personal declarations and proclamations large and small from writer/performers Julie Ganey, Cyn Vargas and Stephanie “Soultree” Camba.

This is a free event!

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And Nothing Was The Same: Stories of Struggle and Epiphany

Thursday: doors at 7:30pm; show at 8pm. Friday: doors at 8:30pm; show at 9pm.

Have you ever experienced a moment where you knew that your life would be completely different from that point on? When something fundamentally changes us, sometimes we can see it coming, but what about the times we’re taken by surprise? What do we do then? At 2nd Story’s Uncommon Ground season finale, hear stories about navigating professional life while the personal is unraveling, about facing death in a loved one’s last moments, and two more tales of struggle and epiphany.

Curated by Nick Ward.

$20 cover charge; added to the dinner bill.

No tickets are sold online. To reserve a seat, please call Uncommon Ground at 773-465-9801 and ask for a table for the 2nd Story show.

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