Pay What You Feel Program

What is Pay-What-You-Feel?
Pay-What-You-Feel (PWYF) is yet another way to attend a 2nd Story show. Based in ideas of generosity, trust and social inclusion, we will now offer a limited number of first come, first served PWYF tickets at the door of as many of our shows as we are able. They will always be available as a part of our main stage regular season, and we make every effort to make them available for special events as well.

Why is 2nd Story Doing this?
Our hope is that by providing a wider spectrum of ticket options we may start to eliminate both real and perceived barriers to participation in 2nd Story performances, and begin building a truly inclusive space for all. Our goal is to create a space that is reflective of the entire Chicago Community. Like most forms of social responsibility, this new ticket option requires trust in our community. It is our hope that this option will be used by those who feel it is necessary, and that those who can afford to will continue to pay full price for tickets, and perhaps even consider paying it forward with a donation to support our Pay-What-You-Feel program.

How does it work?
2nd Story will offer a limited number of first come, first served PWYF tickets at the door our regularly priced shows. To access these tickets, show up at box office after it opens. Because these tickets are first come, first served, we encourage you to arrive as early as you are able. Tell our box office staff that you would like to purchase a Pay-What-You-Feel ticket, provide your contact information, and contribute what you feel you can. Then, head on upstairs when the doors open and see the show!

At which 2nd Story Shows can I get a PWYF ticket?
We will always have them at our regular shows and will strive to offer them at other venues/performances as well. Please check the website and the individual event listings for more information, or subscribe to our email list and get updates sent right to your inbox.

Can I reserve a PWYF ticket in advance?
Unfortunately, we currently offer PWYF tickets only as a first come, first served opportunity at the door. Because this is a new initiative for us, there are a number of behind-the-scenes logistics that we need to figure out before we will be able to offer PWYF tickets as advance reservations. Please stay tuned for future opportunities!

Are there PWYF opportunities for your classes and workshops?
We do not currently offer any formal PWYF opportunities for our classes and workshops, but we are always happy to work with folks to try to remove financial barriers from participating in our education programs.  Please email for information.

Other questions, thoughts, or comments?
We’d love to hear them!  Please email us at