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Trying to remember who that fantastic storyteller was at that great 2nd Story show you saw last month? Want to find out the name of the band at the Stories and Music show that just ended? Check out our past shows here!

Mixed Roots: Stories of Family, Race, and Coming Together

As humans we are constantly mixing. Two very different elements often come together to create something beautiful, and we want to celebrate that process. Join 2nd Story this March as our tellers share stories of the mixed experience. From a newlywed who is transplanted to different side of Chicago, to a man whose racial ambiguity has him constantly compared to a celebrity, this March we celebrate mixed roots.

Curated by CP Chang. Directed by Jess Kadish. Sound Design by Nick Kawahara.

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Third Annual Anti-Valentines Day Event with Chicago Reader

Our 3rd Annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Party with the Chicago Reader is sure to be the best yet! Taking place at Logan Square Auditorium this year, 2nd Story will once again be performing three world-premiere stories of dating woe, scored by live music.  Valentines, on sale for two bucks each, will benefit Barrel of Monkeys, an arts education theater ensemble that works with some of the most under-served students in Chicago. It’s easy: You see someone you like, you write them a valentine, and a Windy City Roller will deliver it for you for $2, with all sales benefiting Barrel of Monkeys.

If you want in on the story telling action, submit yours!  We’re looking for juicy tales of love & dating in the Windy City, and the winning story will be published in the Chicago Reader and read from the stage as the opening act.  Tickets go on sale on January 26th.  For more information about the story contest and all the delightful details about the event, click here.

Curated by Kim Morris. Directed by Megan Shuchman. Sound Design by Mike Przygoda.

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Just Love Me Already: Stories of Longing

Romance is often a moving target. We chase and chase after love, but it continues to elude us. So why don’t we just give up? Probably because when we do find love, even if for brief, fleeting moments, we realize how essential it is to the human experience. Join 2nd Story this Valentine’s Day Weekend as our tellers share stories of the never ending search for love. From a grade school crush that never goes away, to a woman who finds the greatest love of all while visiting another continent, this Valentine’s Day Weekend we have love in our sights.

Curated by Molly Each. Directed by Julie Sadowksi. Sound Design by Nick Kawahara.

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Sssh! Don't tell: Stories of Secrets

Have you ever kept something secret? Maybe it was a high school crush or a skeleton in the family closet that just couldn’t be revealed. Join 2nd Story this January as we head to In Fine Spirits in Andersonville for a very special performance exploring the secrets we keep. From a high school cheerleader’s mega crush on a player from the rival school, to an adult woman struggling to make sense of her Father’s infidelity, our tellers will share their secrets. But, will you share yours?

Curated by Bobby Biedrzycki. Directed by Amanda Delheimer Dimond. Sound Design by Mikhail Fiksel.

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Up The Ladder, Down The Rabbit Hole: Stories of Brave New Worlds

Have you ever ended up in a new world—geographically? Mentally? Spiritually? What about working up the ladder—have you ever tried to climb to the top of a certain job or social group or lifestyle? Join 2nd Story this January as our tellers share stories of these brave new worlds. From a young opera singer’s one night stand with a mobster, to a down-on-his-luck actor trading his soul for rent money, our tellers will take you up the ladder and down the rabbit hole.

Curated by Andrew Reilly. Directed by Sarah Rose Graber. Sound Design by Nick Kawahara.

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New Year's Eve 2011

2nd Story and New Year’s Eve go together like champagne and bubbles, so join us for our fourth consecutive end-of-the-year celebration! When we started thinking bout NYE we started thinking about the magical things that happen in our lives which present us with new beginnings. Do we ever get to completely start over in life? Explore the magic of new beginnings with 2nd Story this New Year’s Eve as we invite you to an all inclusive NYE party complete with four stories, live music and a DJ after midnight. Tickets are $40 in advance ($50 at the door if we have any left) which includes a drink ticket and, of course, a champagne toast.

Curated by Bobby Biedrzycki. Directed by Thrisa Hodits.

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Journeys. Whether they’re physical or emotional, they transport us from one place to another. A road trip, a cab ride, a trip to Thailand and a bus fare across town – join our storytellers this month and hear stories about the mileage and psychic distances traveled to find love, find ourselves, and find home.

Curated by Julie Ganey.

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The Wonder Years: Stories of Growing Up

As kids we are constantly confronted with the challenges of growing up, but do these challenges ever really stop? Join 2nd Story this September as we head to In Fine Spirits in Andersonville for a very special performance exploring the challenges of becoming an adult. From a young man’s discovery of music with “dangerous lyrics,” to a divorcee’s attempt at a one night stand, we bring you stories dealing with the never ending challenge of growing up.

Curated by Bobby Biedrzycki. Directed by Thrisa Hodits. Sound Design by Nick Kawahara.

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Ten Years Later: Stories from a post-9/11 America

Where were you when the towers fell? Or perhaps more importantly, where are we all a decade later? Join us for our Season Kick-Off (also the ten year anniversary of 9/11/2001), as we explore stories from post-9/11 America. From a woman caught off guard at work when her protest photo becomes front page news, to a young woman who refuses to lose hope that she will be kissed by her secret crush (even amidst the falling buildings), 2nd Story will use this generational time marker as a jumping off point to explore the path our lives have taken since September 11th, 2001. Join us for our Season Opener, you won’t want to miss a minute.

Curated by Bobby Biedrzycki. Directed by Julie Ganey. Sound Design by Nick Kawahara.

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