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Trying to remember who that fantastic storyteller was at that great 2nd Story show you saw last month? Want to find out the name of the band at the Stories and Music show that just ended? Check out our past shows here!

All in the Family: Stories of Love and Strife

Doors at 6pm; stories at 8pm.

Kick off Thanksgiving week with some of our favorite 2nd Story stories about negotiating the beauty and challenge of family. From a daughter dealing with her dying father to a son negotiating the dating challenges of his newly divorced mother, 2nd Story will share four fantastic (and hilarious and heartbreaking and heartwarming) stories about the fun and frenzy created by those we love.

Curated by Amanda Delheimer Dimond. Directed by Tyler Greene. Sound Design by Taryn Rosenquist and Band.

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Fish Out of Water: Stories of Finding Comfort in the "Other"

Doors at 7pm; stories at 7:30pm.

What do you do when you know you don’t belong? Follow four women as they unexpectedly find themselves navigating the waters of “otherness” in society, family, and within one’s self. From one woman’s tale of border-less love to another’s lifelong quest to define her nuclear family, these empowering stories will confront, defy, and truly redefine the label of “other”.

Curated by Earliana McLaurin and Margaret Marion. Directed by Amanda Delheimer Dimond. Sound Design by Brandon Reed.

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Bursting at the Seams: Stories of Exploding into Self

Join us for true queer tales of institutional change and personal transformation. This event is part of the UIC Peace Project, an initiative of the Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change.

PUJA is at street level and accessible for people in wheelchairs.

Curated by Amanda Delheimer Dimond. Directed by Dorothy Milne.

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Again and Again and Again: Stories of Ritual and Surrender

Doors at 7pm; stories start at 7:30pm.

Rituals dictate our lives, from our morning beverages to our spiritual growth. Some rituals we make ourselves, some descend from family, history, culture. How do we respond when presented with our rituals? Hear us explore this theme through stories of a girl fighting against a manicured life, a man struggling with his religious upbringing, a high school student skipping school to get closer to a boy she likes, and a young woman’s attempt to be fully autonomous. Will our tellers embrace the rituals of their lives? Will they fight back?

Curated by Nick Ward. Directed by Julian Stroop. Sound Design by Nick Kawahara.

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And So It Begins: Stories of New Beginnings and Second Chances

Join us for the kick off to 2nd Story’s amazing 2015/16 season. We are proud to start our season with four veteran storytellers, all with original pieces about starting over or deciding on a new beginning. From a teenage golden child getting her license revoked after a series of serious speeding infractions to a young man learning to start over in the face of unrequited love, these tellers search to finally get it right.

EXTRA SPECIAL COCKTAIL HOUR: We are taking over the private bar at Mayne Stage starting at 6:30pm and want you to be our guests. Enjoy a ‘drink on us,’ munch on light snacks, and mingle with 2nd Story Collective members. Tickets are $40, and include an entry into a raffle prize that you won’t want to miss! Then stay for the first show of our season!

In addition to our regular tickets ($20), we offer Pay What You Feel tickets at the door (you can pay $1 or $1,000, whatever feels right to you). Same show, same seating, same experience. Read more about this initiative to eliminate real and perceived financial barriers here.

Curated by Megan Shuchman and Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke. Directed by Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke.

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Look Again: Stories of Discovery

Sometimes, the act of discovering comes from throwing ourselves fully into the world around us and noticing what’s out there. Other times, we have to step back and take the time and space to notice what’s within ourselves. In Ragdale’s transformative environment, hear four storytellers explore transformative personal discoveries.

Curated by Amanda Delheimer Dimond and Megan Stielstra. Directed by Amanda Delheimer Dimond.

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Strangers No More: Stories of Connection - Elm Park Edition

Join us in the park starting at 2pm; the show starts at 3pm.

We usually think of strangers as people we have just met, but sometimes a stranger is someone we will NEVER meet, or someone we are hoping to meet, or even someone we have known for a lifetime but are seeing in a completely new light. In all these situations, these people can impact us in surprisingly profound ways. From the story of a woman coping with her mother’s dementia to the story of a man trying to get his wife to the hospital in the midst of a snowstorm, join us for stories about making the connections that transform us.

In cooperation with City of Chicago’s Night Out in the Parks, this event is outdoors in Elm Park. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, and picnic baskets for this afternoon event!

Curated by CP Chang.

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In Between Words: Stories of What Happens in the Silence

Doors at 7pm; show at 8pm.

Every day we’re presented with moments where we choose to speak up or stay silent. But what happens during those moments of indecision? Or what happens when we choose to stay silent? And how do we attempt to find our voices? We explore this theme through stories of a teenage boy navigating his group of friends, a couple navigating a difficult subject, a woman debating her feelings for a friend, and a mixed-race woman losing her voice when she needs it the most. We hope you’ll join us!

Curated by Molly Each. Directed by Liz Rice.

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I Never Knew: Stories of Revelation and Surprise

Doors open at 7 pm, Stories start at 7:30 pm.

2nd Story is excited to present a surprise pop-up show in Rogers Park this summer.

Life is constantly surprising—whether it’s us surprising ourselves, seeing a new side of someone we’ve always known, or just a genuine out-of-the-blue “what on earth was THAT” moment.  Surprises can set us back, move us forward, or just give us a new perspective on the world.  Please join us as we celebrate the summer the best way we know how!

Curated by Amanda Delheimer Dimond. Directed by Jess Kadish. Sound Design by Nick Kawahara.

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Strangers No More: Stories of Connection - Douglas Park Edition

Meeting new people, places, and even ideas can have a transformative impact on our lives. Sometimes we see the change immediately. Other times, we don’t realize how we’ve changed until much later. Either way, we’ll never be the same. Join us for stories about making the connections that transform us.

Join 2nd Story for our first-ever collaboration with Night Out In the Parks at Douglas Park in North Lawndale!

This event is FREE and open to the community. Bring your picnic blankets and lawn chairs and enjoy conversation with neighbors and new friends alongside expertly crafted stories from four storytellers connected to different parts of Chicago’s West and Southwest sides and suburbs.


Curated by Jessica Young. Directed by Jess Kadish. Sound Design by AfriCaribe.

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