2nd Story performs 3-4 events per month all over the fine city of Chicago (and beyond!) Though the format of the performance will vary from venue to venue (sometimes we do three stories, sometimes four, or five, or two; sometimes we have live music, sometimes we work with a DJ or sound designer), the timbre is always the same. Since our goal is to get people talking and telling their own stories, there’s always space and time for our audience to connect to each other. Click on the left menu bar to see all our upcoming shows. Our very next performance is listed below.

Our Next Performance

Let's Get Outta Here: Stories of Breaking Free

Doors at 7pm; stories at 7:30pm.

When we find ourselves stuck in a corner, it can take a while to figure out what’s going on: at first we try to move forward but we find ourselves hitting a wall. The first step is realizing that we’re stuck – physically, emotionally or otherwise. Then comes the part where we get the hell out. But the question is: how? Making an escape plan is one thing; going through with it is another. What’s holding us back and keeping us rooted to the place where we are? And how do we make sure we don’t get stuck again? From a college student’s first brush with crime to a teenage girl coming into her own identity, hear four stories of breaking free.


In addition to our regular tickets ($20), we offer Pay What You Feel tickets at the door (you can pay $1 or $1,000, whatever feels right to you). Same show, same seating, same experience. Read more about this initiative to eliminate real and perceived financial barriers here.

Curated by Jessica Young. Directed by Jess Kadish. Sound Design by Harold Washington Trio.

$20 online or cash at the door. Or come early and grab a Pay-What-You-Feel ticket at the door!

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