Merrie Greenfield

Merrie Greenfield authored the world’s worst novel by a fourth-grader. Truly. Horrible. An excerpt once caused a sobbing, freshly-divorced friend to laugh so hard he dropped the phone. So let’s just say she’s honored and humbled to work with 2nd Story. Words she arranged have appeared in swell places like Otium Magazine, Ray’s Tap Reading Series, the Neo-Futurists, Mortified, Stories At The Store, Story Lab, and others. Merrie’s a proud, victorious veteran of the Chicago chapter of the nation’s finest charitable literary brawl, Write Club – a personal favorite you should check out. She won both 2010 and 2011’s Maelstrom timed improvisational storytelling competitions at Acorn Theater (WNEP). Merrie was the first female Person In Charge of Comedy Corner, a beloved weekly sketch comedy group. Busy Stage Actress is Merrie’s rather fortunate default setting. She has received a Top 5 Performances of the Year nod from NewCity, and shared an Orgie Award honorable mention with the Strange Interlude ensemble (Goodman Theater). She has been an ensemble member at both WNEP Theater and Hell in a Handbag Productions, creating roles and original pieces for both.


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