L’Oréal Patrice Jackson

L’Oréal Patrice Jackson is an Artist rooted in theatre, music, movement and writing. Ms. Jackson hails from the east coast. In Chicago she received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Acting from The Theatre School at DePaul University and has worked as a professional actor in theatre, film, and voiceover. As an Arts Educator she teaches theatre performance, improvisation,  storytelling, and multi-disciplinary art, She has worked with Steppenwolf Theatre,  Columbia College of Chicago, Changing Worlds, The Beverly Arts center and Writers  Theatre. Ms. Jackson also serves as the Artistic Director for Sankofa Theatre Company. You can also catch Ms. Jackson as her alter-ego Lynn Royale the “Urban, Sex Positive, Goddess Nymph.”  Lynn Royale’s mission is to inspire honest and frank dialogue about sex  and sexuality and to empower queer youth.


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