Josh Weinstein

Josh Weinstein is currently the Associate Director, Marketing Systems Administration at Chicago Booth Executive Education. Previously, he was the Marketing Manager at the Hypocrites and the CRM Manager at CME Group. He has additional marketing experience working in the Real Estate, Law, Health Care and Music industry. Josh served as the Executive Director of LiveWire Chicago Theatre, producing eight seasons with the company (2006-14). He is also a writer/director for theatre and film. Writing credits include The Broker’s Nose (2015 Rhino Fest), Lower DebtSoldiers: The Desert Stand, and A/other Lover (LiveWire Chicago), The Bout (2007 Abbie Fest). Directing credits include AssistanceA Permanent ImageA Bright New BoiseRed Angel (Livewire Chicago), Blockhead (2013 The Decades Project). He is currently taking screenwriting classes at Second City. Josh has played music with various bands including the pass out game (Arkansas), Patchouli (Midwest) and The Bonedaddies (Central Illinois). More info can be found at


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