Daniel Jacobs

Daniel started cooking with his father at a young age and got hooked on professional cooking while working and living in Door County, WI. Realizing he needed a foundation based in classic technique, Daniel moved back to the Chicago area and finessed his way into the kitchen at Carlos’ restaurant in Highland Park. After spending two years at Carlos’, he then worked as saucier at Tru and North Pond. He soon began gaining valuable experience as a roundsman at Aubriot, and mornings at Naha as a pastry assistant. Upon leaving both restaurants, Mr. Jacobs was referred to his first mentor, Shawn McClain. Working at Spring for 2 years, first as a line-cook, he quickly moved up through the ranks to morning sous-chef, and then to opening sous-chef at Green Zebra, where the restaurant received national acclaim. His next step was to work alongside Jacky Pluton at his 4 star restaurants and the opening of Narra. When the restaurant went in a different direction, Daniel began working with his next mentor Michael Altenberg at Bistro Campagne as Chef de Cuisine. At Bistro he spent the next 4 years working with local farmers forming a lifelong commitment to support local agriculture. Now as the Executive Chef of Roots Restaurant and Cellar in Milwaukee, Daniel has begun the next stage of his career as a leader of one of the best restaurants in Wisconsin.


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