Brandon G. Will

Brandon G. Will is, as his name implies, an action and an active question, with a past including being Detroit PuppetArt theater’s youngest troupe member (fresh from high school training under mysterious Russian artists) while simultaneously Apprentice to Puppet Master of underground punk-rock bar puppet-show The Gepetto Files. Will wrote, co-produced, and directed a rag-tag group to complete the epic suburban shoe-string Dadbot: The Movie, unparalleled in absurd scope; placed finalist for Best Actor in Shockerfest L.A.; was Indie Auteur in Muskogee, Oklahoma’s Bare Bones Film Festival, where Naked Indian Guy from Wayne’s World was guest of honor while tornadoes touched down outside. Having migrated to Chicago, Will graduated from Columbia College, has read publicly and widely, become a Quickies! mascot, and has had published work nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


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