Bill Wetmore

Bill is a retired accountant who spent most of his life exercising the left (or right) side of his brain moving numbers around pieces of paper. For distraction while employed, Bill became a certified scuba diver, including several nutso night dives. In a moment of madness, he also decided to sail the Mackinaw race single-handed, an event described by Bill as “the dumbest thing I ever did.”

After retiring, Bill decided to exercise the other side of his brain and began exploring his creative side. That search led him to courses in acting, playwriting and improv. Through these courses, he performed with Second City in both a play and an improve sketch, highlights of his retirement years. A one-act play of his experience with a heart attack was performed as a comedy/tragedy at Chicago Dramatists Theater. Once. No reviews were forthcoming.

Bill is excited to sit in the 2nd Story chair so people beyond his two kids can hear his stories.

You may lay rose petals at his feet as he passes.


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