Annette Britton

Annette Y. Britton is an entrepreneurial woman, mother and founder of Five Black Women, Inc.  Born in Chicago’s East Garfield Park community, during her teen years she lived on a Mennonite farm while attending high school.  Out of college, she worked for Xerox Corp as an Electronic Engineer before venturing out on an own.  Her experience in life from the perspectives of great poverty and great wealth has fueled her passion to transform the world, one community at a time.  Her interest in revitalizing community has fueled her endeavor as a speaker, storyteller, and author.  In 2009 she completed and published her first book entitled “5 Black Women, Inc: 25 stories that gave birth to a Company.”  Through 2014 as Public Safety Coordinator for Garfield Park Community Council and as a community activist and advocate, she focused on creating “safe space” and building stronger community connections.  In her spare time she spends time pursuing her passion in sewing; developing skills in community theater; and helping to create awareness around renewable energy and community involvement. Ms. Britton earned her bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering Technology at Devry University.


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