Amina Ayo Norman-Hawkins

Amina Norman-Hawkins is an internationally recognized voice of grassroots hip-hop activism. She is a writer, performing artist, filmmaker, and hip-hop practitioner who has spent the past 15 years involved in the preservation of Chicago’s hip-hop culture and community. She is co-founder of Chicago Hip-Hop Initiative & Chicago Hip-Hop Heritage Month, as well as the ‘B-Girl Power’ movement, an international all-inclusive celebration of women in hip-hop.

In 2010 Amina became a United States Cultural Envoy spending two weeks leading a team of three hip-hop artists from Chicago on tour through seven regions of the West African nation of Cote d’Ivoire. They performed, conducted workshops, and met with local artists to help foster an understanding of American culture while encouraging young people to use hip-hop progressively.

The following year, Amina became a filmmaker by independently producing the documentary ‘Keep It Moving – Chicago to Cote d’Ivoire’ which premiered to much acclaim in the 2011 Chicago International Movies & Music Festival.  Amina is currently a part-time faculty member at Columbia College, as well as a teaching artist with Columbia College’s Center for Community Arts Partnerships. In both roles she brings her expertise into the classroom and hopes to inspire, empower, and help her students unlock their creative potential.


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