2nd Story Staff

These are the folks that execute the day-to-day operations of 2nd Story.  Between setting goals, executing milestones, coordinating committees, and generally supporting the work of our organization, we keep them very busy. See our Job Postings if you’re interested in working with us behind the scenes.

Amanda Delheimer Dimond — Artistic and Executive Director
Lauren Sivak — General and Financial Manager

Jess Kadish — Director of Programming
Pat Fries — Programming Manager
Vince Pagan – Programming Coordinator
Julie Ganey — Director of Education
Molly Each and Ozzie Totten — Directors of Publishing

CP Chang – Director of Marketing and Audience Engagement
Cheri Pentimone — Webmaster & Graphic Designer
Paula Carter – Marketing Committee

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Bobby Biedrzycki

CP Chang

CP Chang

Amanda Delheimer Dimond

Amanda Delheimer Dimond


Molly Each


Pat Fries


Julie Ganey


Liz Gottmann

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Jess Kadish

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Vince Pagan

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Cheri Pentimone

Lauren Sivak

Lauren Sivak

Ozzie (49 of 66)

Ozzie Totten