The 2nd Story Company

The Company is the creative engine that drives 2nd Story, and work in tandem with the Board and the Staff to forward the mission of the organization in the world.  Not only do these folks define, guide, and reflect on our vision, but they are ultimately responsible for the creation of all aspects of programming, from inception through execution.

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Bobby Biedrzycki

Paula Carter

Paula Carter

CP Chang

Stephanie Chavara

Amanda Delheimer Dimond

Molly Each

Mikhail Fiksel

Khanisha Foster

Pat Fries

Julie Ganey

Liz Gottmann

Eric Hazen

Jess Kadish

Nick Kawahara

LaTanya Lane

Deb Lewis

Madeline Bourdenko

Margaret Marion

Eric May

Earliana McLaurin

Vince Pagan

Cameron Pentimone

Katie Pryor

Kelly Reed

Andrew Reilly

Liz Rice

Karla Estela Rivera

Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke

Megan Shuchman

Kimberlee Soo

Megan Stielstra

Aimy Tien

Ozzie Totten

Cyn Vargas

Heather Vogel

Nick Ward

Scott Woldman

Jessica Young

Sarah Zematis