Intern With Us

2nd Story is committed to incubating rising artists and students. We offer specialized internship tracks in Arts Management, Graphic Design, Marketing & Social Media, Programming & Production, Podcast Management, Story Development, and Education.

Each intern will have a different experience based on his or her interests and goals. However, potential interns should note that a time commitment of approximately 15 hours per week is expected regardless of whether or not the internship is taken for credit. College credit can be arranged for those who are interested.

All interns are required to attend Friday Office Hours, from 10am – 3 pm each Friday of their internship. Beyond that time, the specific schedule of each intern will vary depending on the nature of their internship and performance schedules, rehearsal/meeting times, and other activities taking place at the organization over the course of the internship. Keep in mind that we value people who are generous with their time and energy.

Email us for more information or review our job descriptions.

Please fill out an intern application and send it back to us at