Betwixt, Between, and Beyond: Stories of Becoming

Guess what? You are not the same person at 17 as you are at 72. Over our lifespan, we literally go through dozens of internal and external metamorphoses. Who we are today is not who we are forever. Join us for a night of stories that explore the fluidity of identities and the ways we continue becoming ourselves throughout our lives.

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The Storytellers

Dr. S

Black, trans*genderqueer, educator, advocate, spouse, friend, and Beyoncé fan are just some descriptors for Dr. Symone L. Simmons, or Dr. S. S, as they are also affectionately called is an assistant director at the Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) and instructor in Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. S is originally from Chicago Heights, IL and is the eldest of three. S is committed to supporting, affirming, and advocating with and for historically marginalized identities. S is happily married to wife, Danielle and they have a dog, Drake, who joined the family nearly 7 years ago. Ask anyone who knows S and they will tell you S is passionate, caring, and leads with love.

Kathleen Kilian

Kathleen Kilian is a lifelong student of the world, always looking for the next challenge, next thing to learn, or new people to meet.  As a 32 year employee at UIC's Richard J. Daley Library and lifelong resident of the Chicago area, she has had ample opportunity to indulge in the pursuit of knowledge, studying various topics ranging from engineering and mathematics, to history, music, sociology, and languages, finally studying organizational learning at DePaul University.  As one of the founding members of the Library's Wellness Initiative, one of her passions is to bring wellness in all aspects to those around her. Her most recent learning pursuits have focused on physical fitness, biomechanics, health, nutrition, and spiritual and emotional wellness.  The next big adventure in her life is to try and figure out what her second act in life will be.

Sadaf Ferdowsi

Sadaf Ferdowsi studies and teaches at Columbia College Chicago. Originally from Michigan, she moved to Chicago in 2009 and has fallen in and out and back in love with the city ever since. She is interested exploring the ways creative nonfiction can transform into the space for political and discursive activism.

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