Volunteer with 2nd Story!

2nd Story is a growing organization and, as such, we always have a list of projects that we’d love to undertake but just can’t seem to find the time or resources for. Our audience often says things like “I’d love to volunteer!” or “How can I help?” (which we love!!) so we decided to create a list of the things we need help with for the whole world to see. Some of these projects are ongoing (like us trying to have a photographer at each of our events) and some of them are intensive short-term projects; some of them are solo work, some of them require a small team of folks to make a commitment together.

If you’d like to support 2nd Story by volunteering your time, we’d be so appreciative. Please peruse the list below, and if you see anything that catches your eye, please let us know by emailing us here.  In return, you’ll be able to get to know the interior of our thriving organization, support the work that you love, and maybe even get some insider opportunities (like free tickets to a show, or invites to a behind-the-scenes event, or something else totally awesome)!

Photography and/or Videography. Since the beginning of our 2011-2012 season, we’ve been working to make sure that we have a photographer at each of our events, and we’ve been largely dependent on volunteers to make this happen. It’s important to us for a number of reasons:  we would love to have more images for our website, we are creating photo galleries for each of our events, we love being able to post photos on facebook, and, perhaps most importantly, live performance is such an ephemeral art form that we would like to capture as much of it as possible. Therefore, our newest goal is to capture more of our performances on video. We’ve been in the habit of doing an audio recording of all of our performances for a while, but because the nature of a 2nd Story event is so hard to capture via description, we’d love to be able to share videos of our stories with the world.

Designing and Decorating 2nd Story Headquarters. If you have a penchant for interior design, love to pick out colors, browse Craig’s list in your free time, or just can’t get enough of throwing paint on walls, this is the project for you. We’re lucky enough to call a beautiful loft along the Ravenswood corridor our home, but we’d really love to give it a makeover. We’ve already got some ideas—about colors and functionality, the fact that we can’t wait to cover our walls with IdeaPaint—but we could use some support in terms of finding the different resources we need and actually creating and executing a plan

Information Storage and Organization. 2nd Story is largely a volunteer-based organization, and there are more than 40 active members of the collective. Because of these two factors, we struggle with organizing, storing, and sharing information. For example:  some of our files are on our FTP site, but some of them are shared on Dropbox, or are hard copies at our office, or are on our individual harddrives; we often find ourselves looking for documents that we know exist, but we can only find an outdated version of it, so we end up having to create it again. We need to share documents, and sometimes we collaborate via Basecamp, sometimes we share files in Google Docs, or sometimes we email them back and forth. We’d really love to figure out some best practices around version control, file storage and sharing, when and how to archive documents, what to name them, and so forth.

Event Staff and Support. We’re always looking for folks to help us execute our events! Event support can mean a multitude of different things, depending on what we’re doing: loading in and setting up, striking equipment and loading out, collecting audience data, working the room by going from table to table, executing a raffle or other special activity that we’re doing, or so forth. Different events have different needs, and different support roles cater to different skill sets, but if you’d like to support 2nd Story, helping out at an event is a great way to begin.


If you’re excited about any of the opportunities listed above, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us here.