Make all of our dreams come true!

2nd Story would love to pretend that we’re above material things: all we need is a story, and we’re set. Well, and maybe a chair for the teller to sit in.  Oh, and our microphones are getting old. Whoops, and we have no more paper for the story to be printed on. And oh no, we’re out of coffee again!

Okay, maybe we’re not above needing material things, just like everyone else. So we’ve created this wishlist to share with our community what some of those needs are, with the hope that you can help us out! Some of our needs are really specific, in order to complete a set or fit into a system that we already have. Some of them are really general though, and might be languishing in your basement right this minute! Maybe you love giving people gifts, and can’t wait to add us to your list! Or maybe you’re moving and need to do some purging of your apartment. Maybe you work for a coffee shop, and can hook us up with a constant supply. Whatever it is, before your next garage sale, peruse this list and see if there’s anything we’re looking for that you could send our way!

General things we need:

Copy Paper
A 3-hole punch
A digital projector
Big paper cutter  (something like this)


Specific items we’d LOVE:

Wire Mesh stacking letter trays from Staples (We need 2!!! We have a couple of these already, and they need some friends, so that we can keep all of our paper neatly sorted and separated.)


Toner  (It takes many meetings to keep 2nd Story going, so we need to be in good supply of toner for hard copies of all the important information we have to share with each other.)


‘Octopus’ Extension Cord  (We use many of our own electronics here, so it’s really easy for wires to start getting tangled up or to run out of  available outlets. We’d love to be able to keep organized with a really handy extension cord just like this one.)


Recorder (Sound is essential to 2nd Story and so is capturing it.)