Lend us your expertise!

Even with the most generous donors and devoted volunteers, we need the savvy and wisdom of those who know more. This is where you come in. We’re creating a database of Supporting Experts, persons with knowledge in specific areas that we can call with questions. We know you know things that we don’t know, and we want to learn from you.

Maybe  you’re interested in contributing to our efforts, but joining our board or giving money is too much for you right now. Being a Supporting Expert takes no money and a relatively small time commitment. It might mean having a phone call or a coffee date with a member of the company, so we can pick your brain and absorb the wisdom that you can provide.

Are you a lawyer with an hour to chat? We have lots of legal questions. Maybe you’re a marketing specialist. We’d love to hear how we could turbo-charge our advertising. Event planners, how can we craft our events to best meet our goals?

We’re also assembling an Advisory Team made of people like you, with valuable skill sets and keen discernment, who can meet with us semi-annually and contribute their wisdom to the company.

If you’d like to connect with us as Supporting Experts or to join our Advisory Team, please contact our Artistic Director with your area of expertise and information on how we can reach you!