Ways to support 2nd Story

As a non-profit arts organization, we depend on the generous support of our community to keep us going.  That support can take a variety of forms, and we are equally thankful for all of them.

How can you support 2nd Story?  Thanks so much for asking!

Support 2nd Story by making a financial contribution. 

Your gift matters!  Become a Story Maker and make a huge difference for our organization.  Individual donors create a strong financial foundation for 2nd Story; each gift makes what we do possible.  You can give at any level, and that gift gets you an insider perspective on the 2nd Story artistic process.

Donate Now

Support 2nd Story through an in-kind donation.

There are all sorts of actual things that we could really use:  furniture, office supplies, technology, you name it!  So we’ve created a Wishlist to keep track of it all.  Some of the things are very specific (i.e. we need this particular piece of equipment) and some of them are more general (i.e. we need a digital projector, but the type doesn’t matter so much.)  If you’re more of a giver of things than a giver of money, fulfilling a wish from our Wishlist is a great way to make a difference for 2nd Story.

Support 2nd Story by contributing your time, talent, energy, or expertise. 

2nd Story is a collaborative endeavor, and we often run into projects that we’d like to complete but don’t have the manpower to execute, or questions that we need to answer but we don’t know who to call.  In the spirit of “ask and ye shall receive”, we decided to let the world know what these challenges are, with the hopes that someone in our community would be able to assist.  On the Work page, we’ve outlined a handful of short-term projects that we’d really love to do, but that we need a group of dedicated volunteers to help us accomplish.  On the Wisdom page, we’ve outlined some of the questions we are currently grappling with (or that we’ve run into in the past), in case you have the expertise to point us in the right direction.