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Tune in to Chicago’s finest storytelling. Broadcasting live from, we bring you the 2nd Story Podcast. Listen to recordings of our favorite stories from Webster’s Wine Bar and beyond. Listen below or subscribe with iTunes or your favorite reader.

McKenzie Chinn – Micro/Macro

Our storyteller experiences oppression on scales both large and small.

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Deborah Hines – After Lunch in South Chicago

A tale of corruption from the highest level.

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Planet B

Our storyteller examines the birth of new universes from the tiniest of choices.  Recorded live at Pub 626 in November of 2016.

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Missouri Compromise

A woman fears a divisive political atmosphere at her parents’ home.  Recorded at Haymarket Pub and Brewery, 2016.

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To Spank or Not To Spank?

A mother realizes her seven-year old son’s seemingly simple temper tantrum could have dire implications outside the safe space of their home. Recorded Live at The Teal Room at Pub 626 on October 2016.

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That One Time at the Grocery Store

Some days are harder than others. On those days we find ourselves struggling to power through something we usually have under control…things can go haywire. Recorded Live at Haymarket Pub and Brewery on September 18, 2016.

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I Gotta Have Faith

In this story, Lott shares how a world-famous pop star and a single book helped him start living his truth. Recorded live at Elm Park, July 2016.

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St. Baldrick’s

Enjoy this re-posting of Sarah’s story from March. You can help support Sarah and her family by visiting her St Baldricks page here: Recorded live at Pub 626, in March, 2016.

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Is there more to this life than we can explain…or is this it? Paula, the child of a parent who preferred practical explanations for the strange and paranormal, has her own run-in with some unexpected late-night guests that cause her …

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In Training

And now, here is the full version of Madeline Bourdenko’s story “In Training”, which first debuted at Revolution Brewing during our annual fundraiser. This story was recorded live at Pub 626 in June 2016.

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