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Working Artist

How do you navigate the whirlwind schedule of a working artist? Take a listen as Andrew Reilly shares his story about trying to do just that. Recorded live at Pub 626 in February 2016.

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Happy 17th Birthday 2nd Story!

Enjoy this special hour long podcast in celebration of 2nd Story’s 17th year of stories! Featured tellers in this episode are: Brendan Kelly, Hadar Lazar, LaTanya Lane, and Sarah Zematis. Recorded live at Pub 626, in March, 2016. Post-listening resource: You can help support Sarah …

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The Picture

A family tradition of theft, candid glimpses into a grandmother’s past, and a silent battle with a 7th grade school picture. This episode of the 2nd Story podcast has Got. It. All. Listen in! Recorded live at Uncommon Ground, 2014.

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A new school, a new girl, and a deep connection. Hear this mother and son’s account of all of it. Recorded live at Pub 626 in February, 2016.

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Nick is new to Chicago and in search of a community outside his own group of friends, so he checks out a music festival to try his luck. Listen in to hear how it turns out. Recorded live at The …

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Heading West Towards the Sun

Camille had been sitting in the passenger seat long past the age of 16. But then, she decided to go in search for her creative freedom as a writer…and also eventually get a license. Recorded live at Pub 626 in …

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This Moment Wasn’t Going to Last

Listen in to Sadaf’s story about what happens when certain things she had always known to be true about her family…start to change. Recorded Live at Pub 626 in Roger’s Park, December 2015

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Moments of Silence

Coming out to family can be a difficult thing to navigate–something this week’s storyteller, Aimy Tien, knows all too well. Listen in as Aimy shares with us her journey about taking those steps with her conservative family. Recorded live at …

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The 2015 2nd Story Holiday Spectacular!

Soak up all the story goodness with our hour long Holiday Spectacular Podcast! Featuring stories by Erica Cruz Hernandez, Julie Ganey, and Ric Walker. PLUS, enjoy some special bonus content in between the stories!

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Freshman year of high school: five words that are synonymous with the idea of “finding your people”. In this story, join Liz at a senior party where she knows no one there…except her crush.

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