Stories by Author: Ozzie Totten

The Long Ride Home

A Christmastime car ride with a grown up has some unintended consequences for its participants. Ozzie Totten is a Company Member with 2nd Story, where he hosts and curates the 2nd Story Podcast. He has lived in Chicago for the …

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A Perfect Christmas

Christmas is Ozzie Totten’s favorite holiday. The snow, the presents, the magic. But what happens when the magic doesn’t pull through for everybody in his happy little¬†family?

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Podcast Programming Note

Due to circumstances beyond our control, there will be no 2nd Story Podcast this week but, for your weekly story fill, there is still the show at the Underground Wonder Bar on Saturday, June 30. Thanks for your patience, and we will return to our normal podcast schedule Friday, July 13.

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Her Spitting Image

After church on Sunday morning, Grandma and I had a disagreement. I don’t remember the discussion, but my little brother Joey does. He remembers it vividly, because I had yet to come out to him, and it was in overhearing this argument he learned I was queer.

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