Stories by Author: Julie Ganey

Missouri Compromise

A woman fears a divisive┬ápolitical atmosphere at her parents’ home. ┬áRecorded at Haymarket Pub and Brewery, 2016.

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Meet 2nd Story fans, Jim and Mona!

At 2nd Story events, we frequently ask folks “So…how did you find us?” or “Is this your first 2nd Story event?” and every now and then we poll an individual who explodes with an effusive “I LOVE 2nd Story!” or …

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Shitting On Your Dreams

After a long, cold winter filled with dreams of growing her own food, spring arrives with an unexpected, and unsanitary, conflict between neighbors.

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Drama School

In her first excruciating weeks at an acting conservatory, Julie Ganey considers becoming someone else, both onstage and off.

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