Stories by Author: Bobby Biedrzycki

The Coolest Job In The World

With the new season underway and ready to roll, our Director Of Programming explains how and why it came together the way it did.

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Jazz Music

Life in New York City turns out to be more difficult than Bobby anticipated, until he meets an unlikely friend who teaches him patience and acceptance through Jazz music.

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Joe W.

I didn’t answer him that day. Didn’t ask why his suggestion was just a suggestion and not a direct order, because there were direct orders. Well, one direct order. It came at me almost every time we parted:

“Don’t pick up.”

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The Girls

The nights are silent, but a bit uncomfortable in Bobby Biedrzycki’s eerie Christmas tale, “The Girls.” The story chronicles the experiences of a young boy, and his attempt to make sense of the world around him, as local girls begin …

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