Our Individual and Organizational Donors

2nd Story is a not-for-profit organization, and a large part of our operating budget stems from generous donations from our adoring public. Without these donations, 2nd Story would not exist. The company would like to say a big thank you to all those who have generously donated in the past, and we thank you for your continued support.

If you are interested in becoming a Story Maker, you can find details and benefits here.

2016/17 Donors
Kristy Alagna
Randall Albers
Elizabeth Allor
Rebecca Anderson
Thomas Applegate
Elizabeth Auman
Jesy Beeson
Dana Black
Akofa Bonsi
Shawna Thomson Burkhart
Nate Buursma
Kate Burns
Michael Caplan
Jasmin Cardenas
Paula Carter
Sheila Chapman
Ada Cheng
Kandice Cole
Kevin Crispin
Heather Currie
Bob Curtis
Jerry Delaney
Carol Delheimer
Matthew Delheimer
Cassie Di Prizio
Gina DiPonio
Alan Donahue
Elizabeth Duszynski
Ali Drumm
Linda Eisenberg
Sadaf Ferdowsi
Mikhail Fiksel
Eric Filson
Tosha Fowler
Lucinda Fox
Julie Ganey
Nicole Gerber
Samantha Giehll
Sean Graney
Mark Greenberg
Gayle Grindley
Judith L. Grubner
Helen Haacker
Kent Haina
Katie McLean Hainsworth
Mary Kay Halston
Kyle Hamman
Sue Hee
Chet Hester
The Hoeners
Timika Hoffman-Zoller
Darwyn J.
Barry Jacobs
Christopher Jobson
Charles Kacsur
Jessica Kadish
Rebecca Kaffenbarger
Lawrence Kerns
Sue Kim
Lauren Kullman
Carl Lockwood
Deb R. Lewis
Sara Segal Loevy
Ann Marie Lonsdale
James Lupo
Rocco and Roxanne Martino
Amanda McCue
Gary McGowan
Larry Mercier
Kathleen McKeague
Malorie Medellin
Nancy Debra Medellin
Roberta Miles
Matthew Miller
Dorothy Milne
Kathy Monk
Lisa Mrock
Sahar Mustafah
Erika Napoletano
Steve and Jeanne Nelson
Dianne O’Rourke
Vince Pagan
Brianna Parry
Cameron Pentimone
Liesl Pereira
Miles Polaski
Jen Poulin
Beth Harvey Preston
Justin Randall
Nabeela Rehman
Andrew Reilly
Kyle Reynolds
Maren Robinson
Julie Saltzman
Megan Shuchman
Jordan Shields
Rebecca Silton
Molly Sisson
David Sivak
Yolonda Sivak
Libby Skarin
Megan Smith
Dave Spitz and Margery Kates
Nora Taylor
Chris Thoren
Aimy Tien
Duc Tien
Ozzie Totten
Dinesh Vemuri
Raquel Villalobos
Heather Vogel
Dave Wagener
Jim and Sally Wagener
Kacie Walters
Nicholas Ward
Pam Weir
Jessica Wetmore
Marisa Wetmore
William Wetmore
Chevy Williams
Scott Woldman
Madeline Wolfe
Jessica Young
Scott Zematis

Recurring Donors
Ethan Bierman
Mark Bourdenko
Kevin Crispin
Amanda Delheimer
Anna Delheimer
Carol Delheimer
Krista Dillingham
Nicolas Dimond
Elizabeth Duszynski
Linda Eisenberg
Sarah Goldberg
Jennon Hoffman
Bill Kadish
Sue Kim
James Lupo
Kate McDermott
Prakriti Mishra
Coya Paz Brownrigg
Liesl Pereira
Kelly Reed
Julie Saltzman
Rusty & Jeffrey Sanfilippo
David Sivak
Yolonda and Jeffrey Sivak
Lauren Sivak
Jessy Lauren Smith
Dinesh Vemuri
David Wagener
Jessica Wetmore
William Wetmore
Karen Wolfe
Zoe Wolfe 

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