Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Like many organizations, when we sat down to write our formal Mission, Vision, and Values statement, we worried it might be a chore. Instead, it turned out to be an incredibly satisfying project. After much input, discussion, a little sweat, and a few tears, we ended up with a statement that we think really encompass the work we do and why we do it. We refer to our Mission, Vision, and Values all the time – they guide everything we do.


We believe that sharing stories has the power to educate, connect, and inspire.

We exist to host the celebration and ritual of shared stories.


We believe that—much like a great wine or great meal—a great story-sharing experience can create and foster meaningful connections between individuals and communities. 2nd Story is dedicated to creating and crafting such story-sharing opportunities in a multiplicity of forms. We aim to be leaders in successful collaboration at every level of creation and to share our practices and resources through our events and publications, our story development process, and our education and community outreach programs.

Julie Ganey and Stephanie Chavara at New Year's Eve event 2011


We believe that well-crafted, well-told stories can be a catalyst for change in artist and audience alike.

We believe in providing a supportive and challenging home for our artists and collaborators.

We believe that we should have a presence in our community.

We believe that our organization should be permeable—that our audience members become our storytellers, our volunteers become our board members, our students become our teachers.

We believe that our work should be infused with collaboration at every level—both in process and in product.

We believe it is an artist’s honor, privilege, and responsibility to bring people together in hope of a change for the better.