Deborah Hines – After Lunch in South Chicago

A tale of corruption from the highest level.

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Second Stories

  • Good Job Debby. I really enjoyed listening to your story. Have you done this before? It was quite amusing and so reminiscent of my days in Jeffrey Manor except my friends were mostly Jewish and Serbian and thankfully no nuns for 3 of those years I spent in public schooling. Then off to Aquinas to spend 4 more years with the nuns leaving behind all my ethnic friends.

    Second Story by Rosalie Balhan, Reply


  • What fun this was!

    My thanks to Nick, Andrew, Dorothy and Mario, and to my fellow storytellers, Jasmin, Lizzie and Jessica for their guidance and support throughout my first 2nd Story storytelling experience.

    Love and respect to the people of South Chicago, then and now. . .


    Comment by Deborah Hines, Reply

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