Getting to know 2nd Story Fan, Nicole Ripley!

Company Member, Megan Shuchman got a chance to sit down with 2nd Story fan Nicole Ripley and learned a little bit about her and what draws her to 2nd Story. They met during our March Underground Wonder Bar show, Say My Name: Stories of Journey and Identity.

Are you a local Chicagoan? Where do you consider home?
I’m from the SF Bay Area and have lived/worked for a bit in Thailand- all three places are “home” to me. But Chicago is where my roots have taken hold.

How did you hear about 2nd Story?
I’ve been an admirer of your work for years having first learned about you through writer and performer friends.

How many 2nd Story events have you been to?
Two… not enough!

What do you enjoy most about an evening with 2nd Story?
The sense of community it fosters. I love that you pull up chairs next to friends and strangers, make time to really listen, reflect, consider – and the collective experience of doing so makes the city feel a little smaller.

Do you have a favorite 2nd Story Venue?
Webster’s Wine Bar

Do you have a favorite 2nd Story story or podcast?
I once heard Ozzie tell a beautiful story about his brother…

Do you have any venues that you would like to see 2nd Story perform?
Not sure.

Would you ever submit a 2nd Story of your own and if so what story would you like to tell?
I might! Don’t know yet which one!

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  • Thanks for printing this, 2nd Story. It’s so great that 2nd Story has such wide audiences and people coming to performances from all over.
    I hadn’t heard of 2nd Story Fan Interviews before. Really interesting.

    Comment by Connie Jeffrey, Reply

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