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Stephanie Chavara – Brooklyn Bluffs

After college,  Stephanie and her friends are living in New York ready to take on the world. And they think they’ve got it all figured out, but it only takes one moment for the world to get turned upside down.

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Dion Walton – Dead You Say, Okay

The prospect of death forces Dion to examine what’s important in life. Lying in a hospital bed, this young reflects on his extraordinary accomplishments, his crushing failures, and asks himself if he has any fight remaining.

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Oh, Hell No! A 2nd Story Virgin

The Preview When I went to see my first 2nd Story show I was quite impressed with the set-up- from the fancy bar, to the amazing readers to the sound that accompanied the words. I wanted this. I wanted to …

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Parker Stockman – P.O.W. 332

College is a time of finding oneself. When undergraduate Parker discovers his clinical insomnia and lucid dreams separate him from others, he finds his own, unimaginable way to connect.

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