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Tyler & Elle: A 2nd Story Love Story

Meet 2nd Story buff Tyler James Skelt of Oklahoma City. Recently, he and his fiancé Elle Hartford have been making trips to major cities to find their future homestead. Last February, they set a specific date for their Chicago visit, but …

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Unforgettable: 2nd Story at Premise

When Bobby Biedrzycki, our Director of Programming, tapped me to curate the show “Unforgettable: Stories of Wonder and Awe,” I was thrilled to work with some of the stories and storytellers that I found to be unforgettable. The stories that …

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I AM THEATRE: Khanisha Foster

  Click here to view the page on TCG’s website or learn how you can submit your own video response!

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Eric Hazen – Experimental Sandwiches

When Eric’s family moves to a wealthy neighborhood, he finds himself stuck between his middle-class family and his brand new middle school–where name-brand clothes and exotic vacations mean everything.

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The 2nd Story Interview: Molly Each Chats With Kim Morris

“I like the idea of looking at text without being in the gut of creating or giving advice about how to develop it. Like, here’s a word on a page; how are we going to get that up off the page in a way that the audience will be really engaged in?”

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Meet 2nd Story fans, Jim and Mona!

At 2nd Story events, we frequently ask folks “So…how did you find us?” or “Is this your first 2nd Story event?” and every now and then we poll an individual who explodes with an effusive “I LOVE 2nd Story!” or …

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Second Stories (Popcorn 2.0)

You’re sitting around with some friends—in a bar, at someone’s house, on the train, the car on your way somewhere awesome, around the dinner table, waiting for the lights to go down in the movie theatre—and what happens is this: the stories start.

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“You Don’t Have to Talk to Yourself, Mommy.”

“Okay,” he said. Then: “Where are they?”

“Where are whom?”

“The people. You said you tell stories to people but aren’t any people in the car besides us.”

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Another Kind Of Mother

“Now, at nine-and-a-half (don’t forget the half!), even having spent much more time interacting with adults than with kids, Mollie’s still of fairly tender years. By the same token, hers is not an idyllic childhood. She has questions. Her schoolmates have questions.”

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Welcome to the New 2nd Story Website!!

After almost two years in process, we are thrilled to welcome you to the new 2nd Story website.  We are tremendously proud of it—it’s incredibly beautiful (Thank You, Shawn Hazen!), supremely functional (Thank you, Marshall Creative!), but most of all, …

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