Monthly Archives: October 2009

Breaking Up With Kenny

A young man shares a New York apartment with a childhood friend who’s grown up to become a self-involved womanizer. But he can’t bring himself to move out.

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Brutus And Portia

First love, breakup sex, and Shakespeare.

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Jacob’s Question

“Lusty.” “Perverts.” “Horny.” Words that sound out of place in a public school classroom, especially when spoken by the world’s best social studies teacher. Even the simplest things—pop songs on the radio, innocent questions from friends—can unlock dangerous secrets.

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Go Ahead

Sara K. once had a temporary job as a relay operator, facilitating phone calls for the hearing-impaired. This is the story of one particular call—a personal call. It was three-and-a-half-hours long. And let’s just say she got a little too …

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How You Do Anything

When an overzealous father tries to teach his teenage sons how to chop down a tree with an axe, the way Thoreau did, the situation turns life-threatening and the battle between man and nature takes an unexpected turn.

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A chance encounter between strangers in a ladies’ room creates a connection that transcends time.

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